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Corals Direct

SPS - Our SPS tables are full of Acroholics delights!
Wild pieces
Cultured pieces - Offer 3 for £75
Frags - from £3 for starter sps

LPS - A great array of colours ready and waiting.
Trachyphyllia - Red Rim, Neon Green
Fungia - Bright Orange, Green, Pinwheels
Lobophyllia - Reds, Blues, Green and a Stunning Orange/Gold
Scollymia - UFO, Bleeding Apple
Euphyllia -  Torches, hammers and frogspawns.
Acan - Rainbow frags
Organ pipes, Sun corals, Prism coral, Gonipora.
Colonies and frags available.

Zoathanids - Our collection of Zoas is bustling with colour!
Utterly Chaos
OG nightmares
Sunny Ds
Fire and Ice
Gods of War
Aztec gold
Micro rainbow bursts

Ricordia & Mushrooms - We have a stunning collection of Unique Morph Ricordia Yuma and a select few Ricordia Florida in store. 

Discosoma mushrooms
Superman red and metallic blue.

If your a building your collection then pop in and check the out what we have on offer!

Anemones - a fantastic array of Anemones in store 
Metallic blue carpet anemone
Flame bubble tips
Mini maxis.  

Corals Direct - Junction 21, M6. WA1 4SG. 5 Aston Court.