Natural Sea Water - Doesn't get better than Mother Nature

Corals Direct is pleased to announce Corals Direct - Natural Sea Water (NSW) is now in stock. We have over 15,000 L of NSW on site.
Natural Sea Water (NSW) has some significant advantages over synthetic salts
  • Elemental balance - NSW contains all the vital trace elements required to maintain healthy reef. (Calcium, Potassium, Magnesium, Strontium, Molybendum, Maganese, and may more)
  • Bilogically Active (Live) - NSW is a natural source of planktonic bacteria life.
  • Cycle Free - NSW is naturally live and requires no maturing time, as is the case in new aquariums.
  • Ease of use - NSW is simple to use as either part of regular water changes and as part of a fresh setup.
  • No mixing required - as is the requirement with most synthetic based salts there is no mixing required when it comes to NSW.

Our NSW is available at fantastic introductory offer of £0.36 / Litres (£9.00 / 25 Litres)