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Type: Pump

Abyzz ACS Multi Pump Control Panel
The Abyzz control system (ACS) is a panel that allows you to control and monitor up to 8 Abyzz pumps* and other Abyzz peripheral devices from a common bus system. In addition, you can set permanent and individual flow rates and create random flow patterns or complex wave profiles for each pump.
During operations, you can query operating data such as the driver temperature, ID data, rated input, or current speed of your pumps. If there is a fault (pump blockage, excess temperature, power failure etc.), the ACS triggers an alarm signal and informs you of the problem.
Menu-controlled programming of each connected pump


  • Freely-programmable wave profiles
  • Random flow generation
  • Energy savings thanks to night-time economy function
  • Feeding break button with fish protection function
  • Extensive safety functions
  • Optical and acoustic alarm
  • External switching output for alarms
  • Bus-enabled interface for peripheral devices
  • Operating hours counter and automatic maintenance alert function


  • Assembly: Surface-mounted or lowered
  • Rated input : max. 10 W
  • Operating voltage : 230V~, 50...60Hz
  • Ambient temperature : +2°C...+40°C
  • Dimensions of ACS (mm) : 180x160x48
  • Housing cut-out (if mounted lowered) : 168x140x45

Among other things, you can display the following information:

  • Overview of all Abyzz pumps
  • Energy consumption
  • Operating hours counter
  • Speed
  • Driver temperature
  • Error messages and alarms
  • Maintenance warning when cleaning is due

What's in the box?

  • Abyzz Control System
  • Mains cable (1,5m)
  • Abyzz connection cable
  • Operating manual
  • Abyzz light-sensor

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