Marine Coral - LPS WYSIWYG, Scolymia - Green with Yellow Streaks

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Marine Coral - LPS WYSIWYG, Scolymia  - Green with Yellow Streaks

This is the actual coral you will receive, we do not use stock photographs.

LPS General Care

• Lighting: Low - Medium
• Flow: Low - Medium
• Placement: Low - Mid (Deeper water variants benefit from lower placement)

Water Conditions Requirements

• Salinity: 1.025-1.026
• KH: 7.8-8.5 dKH
• Cal: 390-440 mg/L
• Mg: 1380-1440 mg/L
• K: 390-410 mg/L
• PO4: 0.02-0.04ppm
• NO3: 0.1-0.2ppm
• Temp: 24.5-25.5 C
• pH: 7.6-8.4

Lighting Requirements

• SPS - recommended, metal halides or T5, LEDs if enough used on tank
• LPS - recommended, metal halides or T5, LEDs if enough used on tank
• Zoa's - recommended Any
• Mushrooms - recommended Any
• Soft Corals - recommended Any


• Float the bag in your tank for a minimum of at least 30 minutes to allow the temperature to equalise.
• Over the course of 30-45 minutes slowly add small amounts of your tank water into the bag or a container to equalise temperature, pH and salinity.

Delivery and shipments

If you are the successful purchaser we need to know a delivery date as soon as possible with the addition of a contact number for the courier.
All corals are sent via UPS or APC Overnight (alternative courier by your request) in a polystyrene box with heat pack and MUST be signed for on the first attempt, please make arrangements for this accordingly.
We do not ship on weekends due to excessive surcharges on delivery imposed by the courier.

Delivery days
• Packaged Tuesday afternoon for Wednesday arrival
• Packaged Wednesday afternoon for Thursday arrival
• Packaged Thursday afternoon for Friday arrival

Please let us know on via our Shopping Cart or your Paypal payment notes, when you would like your coral to be delivered. Please note all purchases required to supply a telephone contact number for our courier to contact.

Shipping costs
Please note we can combine shipping as detailed below.

• Free on orders over £250.00 (mainland UK only)
• £17.99 per coral/box (average 12 items per box or 18kg).
• Please note we reserve the right to delay shipment in extreme weather conditions so as to support safeguarding livestock.


General Shipping Information

We do offer shipping currently on Corals and Inverts (weather permitting). Shipping of Fish and items listed as sensitive is always at buyers responsibility. Our Livestock is packaged within polystyrene thermal boxes, accompanied by a heat or cool packs as appropriate. Individual livestock is double bagged and secured appropriately by means of bag clipping and/or bands. Packages are shipped for next day delivery on our appointed delivery days.

Our shipping days for delivery are preferred as Tuesday through to Thursday.

At present we ship throughout Mainland - United Kingdom and Europe*

It is your responsibility as the purchaser to ensure any relevant paperwork is arranged in accordance to EU cities were applicable. Delays or delivery issues arising from localised issues are neither our selected courier or Corals Direct Responsibility. If in doubt we recommend contacting your local/regional custom clearance office.

* DOA - Limitations apply outside mainland UK.

Please note: The vast majority of the time, livestock is posted with zero losses, we have a very successful track record. You will need to accept that there is a risk when posting livestock and on rare occasions things can go wrong. This is your risk, we prefer people visit our commercial premises, shop in store and take their livestock purchases home with them where possible.

Arrive Alive and DOAs?

Whilst we do everything we can to ensure each coral and invert in our facility as healthy as possible. We package using the highest quality materials and to exacting standards, working closely with our delivery service providers so that all valuable livestock reaches you in good condition. At present we only offer arrive alive guarantee on coral and inverts within mainland UK.

Fish are always shipped at buyers risk, regardless of destination.

We request that you please check your order for any damage as soon as you receive it. In the unlikely event that DOA occurs please make sure to contact us via email ( including your order reference within 2 hours of the recorded delivered time with delivering courier. Failure to report issues within this time frame will result in invalidating Arrive Alive Cover, without exception.

Please follow the below steps:

  • Take and send a clear digital picture of the coral or invert in the unopened and sealed bag and opened.
  • Several clear high quality photographs taken from all angles
  • Photographs under water must be taken and illuminated with standard tank lighting, as some livestock can look distorted/dead out of water
  • Send via email to along with your order reference within 2 hours of accepting your delivery.
  • DOA is classified as a death in transit to the point of first attempted delivery by the courier and not any number of days after delivery.
  • We do not take responsibility for couriers and/or airline delays or mistakes.
  • Once the coral is placed within your tank we are unable to accept any responsibility for any losses. This is due to the infinite variations and factors such as water chemistry, light, flow, nutrients, acclimation, general care, etc.
  • Do not discard the piece as we may ask you to ship it back to us.
  • A sequence of livestock photos under the above conditions maybe required over 72 hours to validate DOA claims.
  • Upon review of the DOA we will issue you a credit or provide you with a replacement.
  • Buyer must pay shipping for replacement.
  • We do not offer refunds, we do not refund shipping.
  • Items coming off bases, snapping, fragging, de-plugging, etc. does not constitute a DOA claim. Although all precautions are taken to ensure this does not happen. This is a risk to shipping you as the buyer accept.
  • Shipping shock (for example colour shifting, polyp extension delay, etc) can occasionally occur with shipping and does not constitute a DOA claim.
  • Opening of dispute claims or chargebacks are deemed illegal and the buyer accepts the terms of sales as detailed.
  • Please note that DOA requests can take up to 10-14 days to review and process.

Payment Information

Payments by Paypal or our Shopping Cart only.

Contact Information and FAQs

Our website can be found at
For further information please read our FAQs here.

Livestock sales assume the correct level and knowledge of husbandry by the buyer.

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Please read our terms of service.

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