Salifert - Potassium Test Kit (K Profi Test)



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The Potassium reef Test can be performed in about 90 seconds. This tritatic test kit has a sharp colour change, going from yellow to blue, when you hit the level in the sample. The Potassium Reef Test Kit’s resolution is 15 ppm. 

Potassium is felt to effect coral growth or coloration and there is the school of thought that feels potassium should be monitored and/or dosed in a low nutrient system (zeolithic systems, etc.). One common thought is, since potassium is needed and consumed by bacteria and other organisms, the depletion of potassium could cause a rise in nutrients.

Keepers of Plating Montipora are often found to feel a correlation between colour dulling and Potassium depletion.

Type: Test Kit

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